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Custom Woodworking

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I started woodworking in 1996, my freshman year of high school, and my first big project was a gun cabinet and became very passionate about it. After high school, I worked for a local window manufacturer, building displays and traveling to home shows across the country and still building projects for myself. It was at that point that I really wanted to own and operate my own business, so I started Tomajcik Custom Woodworking LLC in 2007. A couple of my first jobs were a kitchen for a friend of the family and a baby crib for my first son. Now I have a great established business with statement pieces installed from Madison to Minoqua and all points between. I live in Merrill with my wife Sarah and two sons Quinten and Jeffrey.

Services Offered

  • Custom Built Furniture
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Recreational Rooms
  • Expoxying
  • Delivery / Installation
Kitchen Cabinetry in Merrill, WI

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